Scheduling Deployments

Deployment Automation has a built-in deployment scheduling system for setting up deployments that occur on a regular basis.

You can schedule deployments for applications and deployment packages into application environments.

To schedule a deployment:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In Deployment, in the global menu, click Schedule and then select Application Process.
    • In Management > Environments > (selected environment), in the global menu, click Schedule and then select Application Process or Deployment Package.
  2. Follow the Schedule Application Process wizard to make your selections. Selections are relevant for deployment requests for applications, depending on you are deploying.
  3. In Options, give the date and time you want the deployment to run. Click Make Recurring to deploy the application on a regular schedule. For example, if you are practicing continuous delivery, you could select the Daily option to deploy applications to the target environment every day.
  4. When finished, click Submit to start the process, which will remain pending until the scheduled time.
The selected processes do not start until the scheduled time. After you have scheduled the deployment, it will be added to the Timeline. In the Timeline grid or table view you can you can view, edit, and delete the deployment.

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