Puppet Plugin

Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that enables you to automate repetitive tasks, deploy applications, and manage infrastructure.

The Puppet plugin enables you to list information about and modify various Puppet Enterprise Console objects as part of your Deployment Automation processes. Some steps require user intervention during the execution of the process.

Note: The Puppet plugin invokes commands using the Rake API, which must be run using sudo. Therefore, if your agent is not running as superuser, the process will stop and require entry of the superuser password, which the user running the process would not necessarily know. To avoid this situation, you can either run the agent as superuser, or you can use the Use Impersonation option to enter the superuser user name and password that should be used by the step to log in and successfully execute the Puppet commands.

In the Process Editor Available Plugin Steps, navigate to Integration > Configuration Management > Puppet.

This plugin has the following steps for you to add to your processes:

For information about Puppet, see http://puppetlabs.com.