Unarchive Step

This step uploads and extracts an archive into the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Service URL Specify the service URL in the following format:




Password Specify the password for the user.
Folder Specify the folder in the catalog into which to unarchive.
Input File Specify the path to the archive that should be uploaded into Oracle BI.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Password Specify the password for the user.
Overwrite Specifies whether the pasted item should overwrite the existing item. Options are:
  • replace all (default option)
  • replace old
  • replace none
  • force replace
ACL Specifies whether the item is pasted with security. Options are:
  • Inherit (default option)
  • preserve
  • preserveOnlyGroups
  • create
  • createOnlyGroups