Jenkins Submit Job Step

This step submits a Jenkins job using the parameters provided. This job can run in synchronous (waiting for job result) or asynchronous mode.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Job name

Specify the name of the job to run.

Server Url Specify the URL where Jenkins is installed. For example: http://host:8080/jenkins

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Parameters Specify a new-line-separated list of job parameters in the following format:


File Parameters Specify a new-line-separated list of files to use as job parameters. Use the following format:


Username Specify the user name that has rights to run the job.
Password Specify the password.
Wait for result Select if the step should wait for the job results. Default value: Selected
Waiting timeout Specify the time in seconds that the step will wait for a job completion message before failing. Empty or negative values mean infinite waiting.