Deploy Application Step

This step deploys an application to JBoss.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
JBoss Path The path to the JBoss location.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Application Path The source file of the application to deploy. If no source is specified, a name must be specified.
Application Name The name of the application to be deployed. If no source is specified, the named application will be enabled instead.
Force Deployment This switch will force the replacement of the existing deployment. It can’t be used if Deploy in Disabled State is selected.
Deploy in Disabled State Indicates that the deployment has to be added to the repository disabled.
All Server Groups If selected, the step will deploy to all servers. This is only applicable in Domain mode.
Server Groups A comma-separated list of the servers to deploy to. This is only applicable in Domain mode.
Controller Name The controller name of the JBoss instance to connect to.