ChangeMan ZMF Integration Runtime Communication

The communication between Deployment Automation and ChangeMan ZMF proceeds as follows:

  1. Deployment Automation processes are configured for the ChangeMan ZMF processes to be executed.
  2. When the Deployment Automation processes are run, they invoke the ChangeMan ZMF processes. The processes use a proxy ID to logon on behalf of a designated username, typically the Deployment Automation user name, to initiate the requested operations in ChangeMan ZMF.

  3. When the ChangeMan ZMF operations complete, an event is sent from the SERNET NTFYURL and the Deployment Automation listener detects it. When the operations are complete, Deployment Automation retrieves ChangeMan ZMF information through the listener and puts it in the Deployment Automation execution log.

  4. The Deployment Automation process is updated with the completion status and the component process step is flagged as successful or failed.