Import Failure or Issues After Import

Generally export files are backward compatible, but you may encounter an issue when importing export files from prior versions of Deployment Automation.

Following are some examples of the types of errors you may encounter and ways to resolve them.

Error Type Resolution
You receive an error when you try to import environments that were exported from a prior version of Deployment Automation. You should upgrade the primary Deployment Automation server and then export the objects again. You should then be able to import them into a target server of the same version.
You cannot import an application from a json file because it was exported while using a different version of the plugin than the one you have. For example, you receive an error similar to "Plugin DA Versioned File Storage Version 20 does not exist." You can use the resolution in the prior entry, or you can edit the exported application json file using a text editor to change some of the parameters and try the import again. To resolve the error given in the example, you must change all occurrences of pluginName and pluginVersion in the json file to use to the updated name and version for the plugin you have loaded. In our example, pluginName should be changed to DA Versioned File Storage and pluginVersion should be changed to 20.
Your import appears to work, but when you try to deploy, you receive a generic run error. This means the structure of the application may have been imported incorrectly. For example, if you can deploy at the component level but not the application level, there is a structure mismatch in the imported files. You can typically fix this by removing and re-adding the component to the application.