Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool.

To use Maven as an artifact source, select Maven in Source Config Type and then configure the type-specific fields. For information about creating components, see Creating Components.

If you deselect Copy to CodeStation for a component using this source configuration type: If you select Copy to CodeStation for a component, you must use the DA VFS plugin to download artifacts.

See the Deployment Automation Plugins Guide for plugin details.

Note: If you are using Maven through Artifactory as your source configuration type, see Artifactory.

Maven Fields Table

Field Description
Repository URL Base URL for the Maven repository
User Maven user name
Password Password associated with the user name
Group ID Maven group ID
Artifact ID Maven artifact ID
Maven Qualifier Specify the name to append to the filename after the version. Leave blank if not applicable.
File Extension Extension of the file to be pulled from Maven for new versions
Latest Build Count Number of most recent builds in Maven to load into Deployment Automation
Version Name Pattern

If set, only versions with names matching this pattern will be imported. For each group matching the first capturing group, the desired number of latest builds will be loaded into Deployment Automation. This property is only necessary when tracking 'older' branches that contain new builds. Example: To return n versions of each 1.0.*, 1.1.*, 1.2.*, ..., use the following regex: (1.[0-9]+).*

Preserve Execute Permissions When enabled, file execute permissions are saved with the files.