Jenkins is an extendable open source continuous integration server.

To use Jenkins as an artifact source, you must install the "Serena Deploy" plugin on your Jenkins system. All of the configuration of the plugin is done in Jenkins. For details, see the Community website and search for "Jenkins / Hudson HPI".

When the Jenkins / Hudson HPI plugin is configured, a Jenkins post-build step pushes the built artifacts into the Deployment Automation CodeStation repository and either deploys them immediately, if the Run process after creating a new version option is selected, or deploys later when a deployment process associated with the component is executed.

When you select Jenkins in the Source Config Type field, no additional fields appear. Selecting Jenkins in the Source Config Type is optional, as it simply indicates that you are using the plugin that is configured and running in Jenkins.

For information about creating components, see Creating Components.

Important: The Jenkins Source Config Type integration is not a Deployment Automation plugin; it is a Jenkins plugin.