Detecting Agent Relays

If you upgrade a server configuration where the agent relays communicate with the server through network relays, the server cannot automatically detect the agent relay, and you will need to tell the server where to find it.

After upgrading an agent relay:

Note: If you take the server offline and upgrade all agent relays before bringing the server back online, you may not need to use the Detect Agent Relay option. This should be used only if necessary.

To detect an agent relay:

  1. Upgrade your agent relays. See Upgrading Agent Relays.
  2. Navigate to Management > Resources.
  3. In the selection box, select Relays.
  4. If the agent relay name does not appear as the correct name and the Status field is blank, click the Relay Action button and then click Detect Agent Relay.
  5. Enter the requested information as follows:
    Option Description


    Remote hostname or IP address the server will use to connect to the relay

    JMS Port

    Remote port used to communicate over JMS protocol


    How long the search should continue before timing out, in seconds
  6. Click Save. In the Relays list, the agent relay should now appear with its given name.
  7. If the agent relay shows a status of Offline, in the Actions column, click Activate to activate it on this server.

The correct name, status, and other important information should now appear for the detected agent relay.

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