Running Component Processes

You can run a component process directly or initiate it as part of an application or deployment package process. This topic tells how to run it directly.

No matter how you run a component process, you must identify the application you want to use for the process, because within the applications you map specific environment resources to components. For more about deployment, see Deployment Overview.

To run a component process directly:

  1. Navigate to the application's Components page: Management > Applications > [select application] > Components.
  2. In the list, beside the component name for which you want to run a process, click the Run icon. The process wizard is displayed with the application and component already selected.
  3. Select an environment to which to deploy.
  4. Select a resource to use.
  5. Select the process to run.
  6. Select the component version.
  7. Click Submit.
When a process starts, the Request page is displayed so that you can review the process request progress. After the request completes, you can review the results on that and other related pages. See Analyzing Deployments.
Note: If gate conditions are defined for a target environment, the component version is deployed into that environment only if its status meets those conditions. See Gates.

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