Creating Global Processes

A process is created in two steps:

  1. Create the process to configure basic information, such as name, description, and default working directory
  2. Design the process using the process editor

To create a global process:

  1. Navigate to Management > Global Processes.
  2. Click the Create Process button.
  3. Fill in the fields as shown in the following table.
    Field Description
    Name Identifies the process; appears in many UI elements. Required.
    Description The optional description can be used to convey additional information about the process.
    Default Working Directory Required. Defines the location used by the agent running the process, for temporary file storage. The default value resolves to agent_directory\work\component_name_directory. The default properties work for most components; you might need to change it if a component process cannot be run at the agent's location.
  4. To continue creating global processes and stay in the list, click Save. To start configuring the global process you just created, click Build Out.