Deployment Detail Fields

The deployment detail fields are shown in the following table.

Deployment Detail Fields Table

Field Description
Application Name of the application that executed the deployment.
Environment Target environment of the deployment.
Date Date and time when the deployment was executed.
User Name of the user who performed the deployment.

Final disposition of the deployment. Possible values are:

  • Success

  • Failure

  • Running

  • Scheduled

  • Approval Rejected

  • Awaiting Approval

Duration Amount of time the deployment ran. For a successful deployment, the value represents the amount of time taken to complete successfully. If deployment failed to start, no value is given. If a deployment started but failed to complete, the value represents the amount of time it ran before it failed or was cancelled.
Action This field provides links to additional information about the deployment. The View Request link displays the Application Process Request pane See Managing Applications.