Step 10: Adding a Process to the Application

Now that our application has an environment, we can create an application-level process that will perform the deployment.

You perform a deployment by running an application process for a specific environment.

  1. From helloWorld_application, select the Processes tab.
  2. Click the Create Process button.
  3. Enter a name in the Name field. For example, helloWorld App Process.
  4. Accept the default values for the other fields:
    • The Required Application Role drop-down field is used to restrict who can run this process. Accept the default value, None, which means anyone can run the process. The available options are derived from the Deployment Automation security system.

    • The Inventory Management field determines how inventory for the application's components are handled. For this example, accept the default, Automatic.

    • The Offline Agent Handling field determines how the application process will react if any of the agents used in the process are offline. For this example, accept the default, Check Before Execution.

  5. Click Save.