Importing Versions Automatically

When the Import Versions Automatically check box is selected for a component, the source location is periodically polled for new versions; any found are automatically imported. The default polling period is 15 seconds, which can be changed in System Settings. See Import Versions Automatically.

If you have multiple versions of files that you are trying to import at once into Deployment Automation, such as Dimensions CM baselines, only the latest version is imported through automatic import. If you want versions other than the latest to be imported, you must manually import the earlier versions.

If you set this value too low, it is possible for the loading of the previous polling to be interrupted, causing partial import of the component version. You should not set this to less than the default of 15 seconds, but you may set it higher as needed.

You can also set a quiet period. Specified in minutes, the quiet period gives time for any changes detected in a particular polling period to be imported before the next polling period starts. This prevents any changes done during processing to be missed in the next polling period.