Run WLDeploy Step

This step runs a WLDeploy task.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Application Name The name of the application.
Operation The operation for WLDeploy to execute. The options are:
  • Deploy
  • Undeploy
  • Distribute
  • Redeploy
  • Start
  • Stop
Admin URL The administration URL of the WebLogic server.
Targets A comma-separated list of target servers to deploy to, for example, target1,target2.The default value is ${p:resource/wldeploy.targets}
User Name The user name used to connect to WebLogic. The default value is ${p:resource/wldeploy.user}
Password The password used to connect to WebLogic. The default value is ${p:resource/wldeploy.password}

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Source The source to deploy if doing a deployment.
Remote Check this option if deploying to a remote machine (not the machine this agent runs on).
Retire Timeout Specify when to retire the currently running version. Specify this only if doing start, redeploy, or deploy.
Plan Specify a deployment plan.
Plan Version Specify a deployment plan version.
Alternate Application Descriptor Specify an alternate application descriptor file.
Alternate WLS Application Descriptor Specify an alternate WLS application descriptor file.
Application Version Specify the application version.
Task ID Specify the ID for looking up the task.
Additional Props Specify additional properties to be used as part of the WLDeploy Ant task. Use the syntax: name=value\nname=value\n
Additional System Props Specify any additional Java system properties to be added on the command line. Specify properties as a line-separated list in the format prop=value, which will add -Dprop=value onto the command line.
JMX Admin URL The JMX administration URL of the WebLogic server. This is used when starting, stopping, and checking status of targets. The default value is ${p:resource/wldeploy.jmxUrl}
Path to WLDeploy Ant Task Jar The path to the WebLogic WLDeploy Ant Task Jar file or full client Jar file if intending to use start, stop, and check status of targets.