Run a Shell Script Step

This step executes a shell or batch script.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Directory Offset The working directory to use when executing this command. This is relative to the current working directory.
Shell Script Enter the script code to execute.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Interpreter Optionally specify the interpreter to use to evaluate the command. If left blank the following platform-specific behavior will be used: Command Line will use the .bat file interpreter on Windows and the .com file interpreter on VMS. On other systems it will use the shell specified by the air/shell agent variable if present. UNIX/Linux systems may override this by having the command line start with a #! sequence.
Daemon Select this option to run the command in the background while permitting the step to complete immediately. The output will not be captured if running as a daemon.
Output File Only select this value if running as a daemon. Enter the path of the file to which the command output is directed. Leave blank to discard the output. The output will not be captured if an output file is not specified.