Update Property File Step

This step adds, removes, and updates properties in a file.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Property File The name of the property file to edit

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Directory Offset

The directory relative to the current working directory that contains the files on which to operate

Add/Update Properties

Specify a new-line-separated list of name/value pairs. Use the delimiter specified in Delimiter Character between the name and value.

For example, to update host and port property values, you could use the following:



Remove Properties Specify a new-line-separated list of names of properties to remove.
Note: The property is removed based on the name. However, for convenience, if you copy and paste from a list of properties with values, you can include the delimiter and value, since the name is determined using the delimiter. If you do include delimiter and value, you must deselect Escape As Java String for the parsing to work.
Escape As Java String Select this if the file is a Java properties file.
Delimiter Character

Specify a delimiter character, such as =, to be used in the name/value pairs in Add/Update Properties and Remove Properties fields.