Upload Step

This step uploads a cookbook, role, environment, or data bag to the Chef server.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Pattern Enter a cookbook pattern to upload.
Directory Enter the directory from which to run the command. This is typically the chef-repo."

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Concurrent Connections Allowed Enter the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed. The default is 10.
Upload New or Modified Files If selected, upload only new or modified files to the server.
Upload Unmodified Files If selected, this forces the upload of files even if they have not been modified.
Freeze Cookbook If selected, this version of the cookbook cannot be modified after the upload. Any changes to this cookbook must be uploaded later as a new version.
Dry Run If selected, no action is taken and only results are printed out.
Purge Non-chef-repo Files If selected, deletes items on the server, such as roles and cookbooks, that are NOT contained in the chef-repo.
Disable Recursive Upload If selected, disables the recursive uploading of the directory.
Local Chef-repo Layout Select the layout of the local chef-repo. Values include: static, everything, and hosted_everything