CollabNet TeamForge is an integrated Web-based platform that enables teams to work collaboratively through the various stages of the application life cycle.

To use TeamForge as an artifact source, select TeamForge from the Source Config Type drop-down list box and then configure the type-specific fields described here. For information about creating components, see Creating Components.

For more information on using TeamForge, see

Note: The TeamForge Source Config Type integration is not the same as the TeamForge plugin. Plugins are special integrations used in processes. For details on using the TeamForge plugin, see the Deployment Automation Plugins Guide.

TeamForge Fields table

Field Description
TeamForge URL Base URL of the TeamForge server.
Username Username for authenticating with TeamForge.
Password Password for authenticating with TeamForge.
Project Name TeamForge project name from which to import component versions.
Package Name TeamForge package name from which to import component versions.
Preserve Execute Permissions When enabled, file execute permissions are saved with the files.