Subversion (SVN) is an open source version control system.

To use Subversion as an artifact source, select Subversion from the Source Config Type drop-down list box and then configure the type-specific fields described here. For information about creating components, see Creating Components.

Note: The Subversion Source Config Type integration is not the same as the Subversion plugin. Plugins are special integrations used in processes. For details on using the Subversion plugin, see the Deployment Automation Plugins Guide.

Subversion Fields table

Field Description
Repository URL Base URL for the Subversion repository
Watch for tags Watch for new tags instead of new versions.
Includes The patterns to match files to include in the upload. The wildcard ** indicates every directory and the wildcard * indicates every file. For example, the pattern dist/**/* would retrieve the entire file tree under the dist directory.

The patterns to match files to exclude from the upload.

User Subversion user name
Password Password associated with the user name
SVN Path Specify the path to the Subversion client executable. Enter the full path if necessary.
Preserve Execute Permissions When enabled, file execute permissions are saved with the files.