Using Snapshot Statuses

Snapshot statuses are used with environment gates to ensure that snapshots are deployed or otherwise processed only if they are in a designated status. You can select from available snapshot statuses when you define gates for applications. There is no default setting.

You use snapshot statuses as follows:

  1. Define the statuses

    Navigate to Administration > Automation, and in the selection box, select Status. Click the Add Status button and then select Snapshot Status. Define the snapshot statuses for your implementation. For example, INT_Ready, UAT_Ready, PROD_Ready.

  2. Add the condition

    See Gates.

  3. Set the specific snapshot's status

    See Adding Statuses to Snapshots.

  4. Request a process to deploy the snapshot

    The requested process will not run if the snapshot is not set to the status or statuses specified in the application environment's Gates tab. See Ways of Deploying.