Creating Pipelines

You can create pipelines or import existing ones. See Importing/Exporting Pipelines for information about importing pipelines.

To create a pipeline:

  1. Navigate to Management > Pipelines > Create Pipeline, and enter the following:
    • Name and Description

      Enter a name and description that indicate the purpose of the pipeline.

    • Mandatory

      If selected, you can request a process only on the first environment in the pipeline. Thereafter, you can only promote on subsequent environments. This ensures that the same configuration is used for each environment in the pipeline.

      If not selected, you can request processes on all of the environments in the pipeline.

      The default is deselected.

      Note: If you promote multiple requests for a particular process and they queue up waiting to be executed, only the last request for that process is executed in the target environment and the earlier ones are ignored.
    • Auto promote

      If selected, after the process is requested in the first environment, upon successful deployment into that environment, the application is automatically promoted to the next environment in the pipeline sequence. If each promotion is successful, the auto-promotion continues from environment to environment until promotion into the last environment in the pipeline. The Promote button will not be available for environments belonging to an auto-promoted pipeline.

      Pipeline execution request operations are not queued if there are several requests coming to the same environment. Requests for each process are executed and may be done in parallel on the same environment.

      Note: If a situation occurs where multiple requests for the same process are done before execution in an environment, the last request for that process is executed and the earlier ones are ignored.

      The default is deselected.

  2. To continue creating pipelines and stay in the list, click Save. To start configuring the pipeline you just created, click Build Out.