Configuring Dimensions CM Component Processes

Component processes are used to combine the Dimensions CM plugin steps into the processes needed to execute the set of Dimensions CM operations you need.

Note: The Dimensions CM plugin must be loaded and available before you design a component process.
Tip: For the quickest implementation, import the sample environment and application and modify the properties to suit your needs.

To configure the Dimensions CM component processes:

  1. Create a component that will contain your component processes or select an existing one. For example, DimCM Components.
  2. Add the following processes to your component if they have not already been imported.
    • Action Baseline
    • Demote Baseline
    • Deploy Baseline
    • Get Baselines
    • Get Deployment Areas
    • Get Products
    • Get Projects and Streams
    • Get Stages
    • Promote Baseline
  3. Specify values or variables for each component process step property that will not be set by application properties.
  4. Ensure that any properties that will be passed from the application processes are set to Set a value here so that those property values will be replaced with the application properties passed to them.

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