Service Tier

The service tier has a central server that provides a web server front-end and core services, such as workflow, agent management, deployment, inventory, and security. Workflow requests are initiated with either the user interface, the command line interface (CLI), or through REST service calls through integrating products, such as SBM.

Deployment Automation uses stateless communications for the JMS-based server-agent communications as well as client-web service communications. Stateless, as used here, means the server retains little session information between requests and each request contains all the information required to handle it.

The server sets up listening sockets and listens for agents, relays, and users (clients). By default the server listens on only three ports: port 7918 for JMS, 8080 for HTTP, and 8443 for HTTPS.

The default server communication is shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. Default Server Communication


The actual ports used depend on the specific implementation, and if Deployment Automation is used natively with an SBM solution such as Release Control, the ports used to access Deployment Automation would be the same ports as those used for the SBM solution.

The communication mechanisms and default ports used by the server to access an Oracle relational database management system, Release Control and SBM, agents or agent relays, and CodeStation are shown in the following example.

Figure 2. Extended Server Communication