Run Process for Each Version

The Run Process for Each Version runs a selected component process for each component version.

Run Process for Each Version Properties

Field Description
Name Can be referenced by other process steps.
Component Component used by the step; a step can affect a single component. All components associated with the application are available. If you want to run a process for another component, add another Run Process for Each Version step to the process.
Component Process Select a process for the component selected above. All processes defined for the component are available. Only one process can be selected per step.
Ignore Failure When selected, the step will be considered to have run successfully.
Limit to Resource Role User-defined resource role the agent running the step must have.
Max # of concurrent jobs The maximum number of concurrent component processes to run at any time. Use -1 for unlimited.
Fail Fast When this is selected, this step will not start any more component processes if one fails.
Run on First Online Resource Only When this is selected, this step will only use one resource. It will not run on all resources.
Precondition A JavaScript script that defines a condition that must exist before the step can run. The condition must resolve to true or false.