Viewing Timelines

Timelines show overview information on the processes run and link to more detail for convenient access to information.

You can view timeline information as follows:

The Deployment Timeline is shown in the following figure.


  1. Click the calendar view icon to see the calendar view. (Option not available in environment timelines; calendar view only)
  2. Click the grid view icon to view a list of processes. (Option not available in environment timelines; calendar view only)
  3. Filter by deployments owned by you or by everyone. (Not available in environment timelines)
  4. Select to show deployments for applications, components, or snapshots. (Not available in environment timelines)
  5. Search for a request name; this narrows the display to just the entries including that name. (Not available in environment timelines)
  6. Use the arrows to change the year, month, week, or day viewed in the calendar, depending on the period selected.
  7. Select the period to show.

  8. In the month and year views, click anywhere in a block to show the list of requests for that date block in a tabular view. Depending on the view and selection, columns include the following:
    • Status
    • Time
    • Name (click to go to the process request page)
    • Application (click to go to the application page)
    • Component for the process (click to go to the component page)
    • Environment (click to go to the application environment page)
    • Process Version
    • Deployment Owner
  9. In the month view, status icons give you a quick view of the health of the processes. Point to a status icon for a quick view of information about the request.
  10. In the month view, you can point to a schedule or blackout icon to view information about scheduled processes or application environment blackouts.

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