Starting and Stopping an Agent

The agent installer installs the agent service, but does not start the service. It is set to manual start by default.

Note: If you are using an agent relay, you must start it before starting any agents that will communicate through it.

To stop or start an agent service:

For Windows

Use Administrative Tools > Services to start or stop the agent, DA-Agent.

For UNIX/Linux

Execute the associated command script as follows:

  1. Navigate to the agent_installation/bin directory. For example:

    /opt/microfocus/Deployment Automation Agent/core/bin

  2. Run agent {start|stop} to start or stop the agent.
    Note: For information on configuring your agents to start automatically under a dedicated account, see the Community website.
Once the agent has started, in the Deployment Automation user interface, navigate to Management > Resources and select Relays in the selection box. The agent should be listed with a status of Connected.