Step 6: Creating an Application

An application brings together all deployment components by identifying its components, mapping them to the application resources they will use, and identifying the target environments for the deployment. You can add environments to the application individually or by using a pipeline, which is a pre-defined sequence of environments.

To deploy the helloWorld component, you must create an application. An application, as used by Deployment Automation, is a mechanism that deploys components into environments using application processes.

After you create the application, you configure it as follows:

To create an application:

  1. Navigate to Management > Applications.
  2. Click the Add button and then select Create Application.
  3. Enter a name, for example, helloWorld_application, and an optional description.

    There are no naming requirements. However, the number of associated items, for example, components, processes, applications, and environments, can become large. You should use a naming scheme that makes it easy to identify related items.

  4. For the notification scheme, accept the default value of None from the drop-down.

    Deployment Automation integrates with LDAP and email servers, which enables it to send event-based notifications. For example, if an email server and user email IDs have been configured, the default notification scheme will send an email when a deployment finishes. Notifications can also play a role in deployment approvals.

  5. Accept defaults for the remaining fields.
  6. To start configuring the application you just created, click Build Out.