Step 8: Adding the Environment to the Application

After the application is saved, we identify the environment to which it will deploy the component versions. Although we have only one environment, an application can deploy to any number of components.

To add the environment to the helloWorld application:

  1. From helloWorld_application, select the Environments tab.
  2. Click the Add Environment button.
  3. Select the environment you created in the previous step, DV1.
  4. Leave the Require Approvals and Lock Snapshots check boxes deselected. If you select the Require Approvals check box, approvals will be enforced. This is our first deployment so an uncontrolled environment will do fine.
  5. Leave the Inherit Cleanup Settings check box selected. Cleanup refers to archiving component versions. When a component is archived, its artifacts are combined into a ZIP file and saved. The corresponding component is removed from CodeStation. When this check box is selected, settings are inherited from the system settings; otherwise, they are inherited from the application's components.
  6. To continue configuring the environment, click Build Out.