Creating Resource Groups

To create a resource group:

  1. Navigate to Management > Resources.
  2. In the selection box, select Groups.
  3. Expand the All Resource Groups tree or search for the resource for which you want to create a resource group.
  4. Beside the resource, click the Create Resource Group icon as shown in the following figure.


  5. Enter the information needed to create the resource group as follows:
    Field Description
    Name Typically, the name will correspond to either the environment the resource participates in, the component that uses the resource group, or a combination of both, for example SIT, DB, or SIT-DB.
    Description Give a description that tells how you intend to use the resource to which this group is assigned.
    Type Select a type. Options are:
    • Static: Typical
    • Dynamic: If you select this, you can add conditions to direct the system to find and select a resource name to add to the group. This lets you use name patterns so that resources of certain naming conventions are dynamically added to the group.
  6. To continue creating resource groups and stay in the list, click Save. To start configuring the resource group you just created, click Build Out. Once you assign a group to a resource, you can add sub-resources. A sub-resource enables you to apply logical identifiers, or categories, within any given group. During deployment configuration, you can select a given sub-resource that the process will run on.
  7. To create a sub-resource, click the Create Resource Group folder icon beside the group for which you want to add the sub-resource.