Creating a Send DA ALF Event Step

This step creates and sends a Deployment Automation ALF Event to the specified SBM server.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
SBM URL Specify the URL where the SBM server is installed. For example: http://server:8085
Event type Select the ALF event type (type of change that caused the event). The options are:
  • StatusChanged
  • ProcessStarted
  • ProcessFinished
  • VersionDeleted
  • VersionCreated
  • SnapshotCreated
  • SnapshotModified
  • ApprovalRequired
  • ManualTaskCreated
Object type Select the Deployment Automation object type (type of object that originated the event). The options are:
  • Component
  • Application
  • StandaloneProcess
  • Agent
  • Environment

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Username Specify the SBM user name.
Password Specify the SBM password.
Extension Specify the data related to your request. The Deployment Automation ALF event can contain these values:
  • ApplicationID (up to 100 values)
  • ComponentIDs (up to 100 values)
  • VersionIDs
  • ProcessID
  • ComponentProcessID
  • EnvironmentID
  • ResourceID
  • RequestID
  • ComponentProcessRequestID
  • SnapshotID (up to 100 values)
  • RoleNames (up to 100 values)
  • UserNames
  • Status
Object ID Specify the Deployment Automation object ID (the ID of the application, resource, process, or other entity that caused event) if a specific value is needed. Note that several requests can have same object ID; for example, if they were caused by the same object. If not specified, a new UUID will be generated.
Debug logs Adds debug information to logs.