Creating a Start JBoss Step

This step starts JBoss in either Standalone or Domain mode.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
JBoss Path The path to the JBoss location.
Operating Mode Choose whether to start in Standalone or Domain mode.
Server Start Wait Timeout The amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for the server to start before declaring timeout. The default value is 10000.
Host Name The host name of the server to be started.
Port Number The port number of the server to be started.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Server Configuration Enter a file name to start the server according to a specific configuration.
Host Configuration Only applicable in Domain mode. Provide a file name to start the server with a specific configuration.
Additional Properties Additional properties to pass to the CLI, new-line separated.
JAVA_HOME The JDK or JRE to run JBoss. This JBoss version supports only Java 6 and 7!
JAVA_OPTS Specific options for the JVM to start with.