Creating a Dimensions CM Create Baseline Step

This step creates the baseline for the specified stage.

Required connection properties:

Property Name Description
User ID ID of the Dimensions CM user
Password Password of the Dimensions CM user
Server Host name or IP address of the Dimensions CM server
DB Name DB name for the Dimensions CM server
DB Connection DB connection for the Dimensions CM server

Other required properties:

Property Name Description
Product Name

The name of the product in Dimensions CM

Baseline name

The name of the baseline in Dimensions CM

Based on Name of the project or stream the created baseline should be based on
Baseline type The stage to which the baselines should be moved, or demoted. If the value is empty, the baseline will be demoted to the previous stage.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Attributes A new-line separated list of names and values of the attributes to set, using the syntax name=value. For example, SBM_ID=123