Creating an Execute an Ant Script Step

This step executes an Ant script.

Required properties:

Property Name Description
Ant Script File The name of the Ant script file.
ANT_HOME The path to the Ant installation to execute the Ant script. By default, the step uses the agent’s ANT_HOME environment variable. This refers to the path up to (but not including) the bin folder.
JAVA_HOME The path to the Java installation to execute Ant. By default, the agent’s JAVA_HOME environment variable is used.

Optional properties:

Property Name Description
Targets The names of the targets to run in the Ant script file. If left empty, the default target is run.
Properties The properties passed to Ant. The properties are made available by name in the Ant script. This is supplied as a newline-separated list in the format name=value.
Ant Properties Ant-specific arguments. For example, -v is used to indicate verbose output. This is supplied as a newline-separated list.
JVM Properties JVM-specific arguments. For example -Xmx=512m is used for max memory. This is supplied as a newline-separated list.
Script Content The content of the Ant script. The value provided here is written to the Ant Script File, and then executed.