Upgrading Agents

After upgrading to a new version of the server or receiving notice of available agent upgrades, you can upgrade your agents from the Deployment Automation user interface. The agents must be online to be upgraded.

To upgrade your agents:

  1. Navigate to Management > Resources.
  2. In the selection box, select Agents / Pools.
  3. If any agents are noted as eligible for upgrade in the Upgrade Status column, review any important messages indicated by the messages icon (image) before proceeding. Upgrade status will appear only if data collection is enabled for your implementation. See Data Collection and Check for Update.
  4. To upgrade your agents:
    1. Select one or more agents in the list using the check boxes at the left of the agent names and then click the Upgrade Selected Agents button (image) in the upper right. If you want to upgrade a single agent, you can click the Upgrade button (image) beside the agent that you want to upgrade.
      Note: If the agent is not eligible for upgrade through the user interface, neither the check box nor the Upgrade button will appear.
    2. To confirm that you want to upgrade, click Yes.
All existing agents using Java 6 and greater will be upgraded by the server.
  • Deployment Automation version 4.5 and later agents use Java 6 and later. Any agents using Java 6 or above can be upgraded and do not have to be uninstalled.
  • Any 4.0.1 and prior agent using Java 5 cannot be upgraded. Most of the new functionality will not work with these agents. You must uninstall the agents using Java 5 before installing the Java 6 and later agents.