Upgrading Agent Relays

When upgrading agent relays, make sure to follow the following recommended upgrade order for agent relays and servers.

Upgrade Order for Agent Relays and Servers

  1. Shut down all agent relays.
  2. Shut down all servers to which the agent relays you are upgrading are pointing.
  3. Upgrade all the agent relays according to the instructions in the following section.
  4. If upgrading the server, upgrade the server using the server installer. See the Release Notes Upgrades section for information on versions from which you can upgrade directly.
    Note: Agent relays for version 5.1.5 and later that are configured for server-initiated connection are compatible only with Deployment Automation servers version 5.1.5 and later. You cannot connect to version 5.1.5 and later agent relays through network relays as was possible in earlier server versions. If you attempt to do this, the agents connected through the agent relay will not be in Online status.
  5. Start the server.
  6. Start the agent relays.

Agent Relay Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade your agent relays:

  1. Ensure the agent relay is stopped.
  2. Run the agent relay installer. See Agent Relay Installation.
  3. When prompted for the destination directory, enter the path to the directory of the existing agent relay location.
  4. When prompted to upgrade, enter Y.

After upgrading your agent relays and starting the servers and agent relays, navigate to Management > Resources > Relays. You should see all your upgraded agent relays listed. It may take some time before the agent relays come online.

See Managing Agent Relays for information on configuring agent relays.