Configuring Component Version Import

Component versions are imported into Deployment Automation from various source configuration tools. This topic describes the way this works and tells how to configure it. For details on importing component versions, see Component Versions.

When a component version import is requested, the request is added to the queue and a message is displayed in the user interface that the request was successful. Requests run asynchronously on the server in the order they were placed in the queue. Incoming tasks are queued up until the queue is full.

A successful request does not necessarily mean that the component version import will be successful.

The Versions page is automatically refreshed every 15 seconds following submission of a version import. You can also manually refresh the page using the Refresh Page button.

The maximum integration task count parameter controls the capacity of the queue of submitted versions for each component. The default value is 1. This parameter affects both automatic and manual version import for all source configuration types.

To change the capacity of the component version import queue:

  1. Navigate to the Deployment Automation profile directory. For example:


  2. Edit the da_config.xml file.
  3. Update the <maxIntegrationTaskCount> parameter as follows, where # is a value 1 or above:
    When changing this number, be aware of the following:
    • Do not set it to 0. If you do so, it will prevent versions from being imported.
    • If you set this to a number higher than 1, you should ensure that your system is capable of handling the number of version imports allowed.