Running Execution History Cleanup

A wizard leads you through the cleanup of your execution history.

To cleanup execution history:

  1. Navigate to any Administration page and then select Execution History Cleanup from the Action menu in the upper right of the page.
    Note: You can also run the cleanup by clicking the button in the upper right of the audit pane at Administration > System > Execution History Cleanup. See Execution History Cleanup Audit.
  2. Select the applications that you want to import and click Next.
  3. Enter or select the start and end dates and times for the execution history data to be cleaned.
  4. Click Submit.
Detailed results of the execution history cleanup are shown. Select given tabs to see more information on any failed application or component requests. p>
Note: By default, a sweep job is automatically run at set intervals to cancel or kill cleanup requests that have hung. The settings for the sweep can be configured, including whether or not to run the job at all. For details, refer to Knowledgebase item S141764.