Manual Server Installation

If you want to install the server on a UNIX platform other than Linux, AIX, Solaris SPARC, or HPUX Itanium, you cannot use the interactive or silent installers. Therefore, you will need to install manually using the following procedure.

If you do not need to manually install a server but have not yet installed the server, continue with one of the other installation options as described in Server Installation. If you have already installed your server, continue with the next step in the Installation Checklist.

To install the server on UNIX platforms for which no interactive installer is provided:

  1. Download the da.war file. This file is contained in the
  2. Stop the Common Tomcat application server.
  3. Copy and paste the da.war file into your Common Tomcat webapps folder.
  4. Restart Common Tomcat.
  5. Launch a browser and navigate to http://serverName:8080/da.

    The configuration setup displays.

  6. Modify any configuration parameters as needed:
    • Install location

    • External Web URL

    • Agent port and choice of mutual authentication

    • Database (port, schema, user, password)

  7. Click Install.

When the server installation is complete, the Deployment Automation login page displays.

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