Creating a ChangeMan ZMF Get App Sites Step

The Get App Sites step gets a list of application promotion and installation sites.

Required connection properties:

Property Name Description
Host Address The TCP/IP host name of the LPAR of the ZMF subsystem to which you want to connect
Port Id The TCP/IP port ID for the ChangeMan ZMF subsystem to which you want to connect
User Id A TSO user ID or SERNET/ZMF trusted user ID that can login on behalf of other users
Password A TSO password or SERNET/ ChangeMan ZMF password

Optional connection properties:

Property Name Description
Login As User Id The user ID that will be used to login to ChangeMan ZMF by the trusted user ID
Login As Current Serena RA User Use the currently logged in Deployment Automation user ID to login to ChangeMan ZMF, even if a user ID is specified in the Login As User Id field
Web Service Timeout Interval Timeout interval in minutes for the ChangeMan ZMF Web service call. The default value is 5.
Note: You should set this to a higher value if your requests time out. Use this in conjunction with filters to limit the amount of data returned.

Other required properties:

Property Name Description
Application Name

The ChangeMan ZMF application name

Other optional properties:

Property Name Description
Site Type

The ChangeMan ZMF installation site type

Display Results Selection Dialog

Controls whether the information returned from this step is displayed in a dialog box upon successful execution of the containing process, enabling you to select specific information to be used in subsequent process steps. This is set to true by default, and is implicitly required, because without it, there is no way to select the information.