(UNIX/Linux) Agent Relay Silent Installation

The following instructions are for silent installations of agent relays.

Important: If you are installing on a 64-bit Linux system, be aware that the UNIX installers are 32-bit applications, and your system may not support 32-bit applications by default. Before running the installer on a 64-bit Linux system, ensure that the following are installed:
  • Motif: This is usually available by default
  • 32-bit compatibility libraries: C/C++ runtime

To install an agent relay in silent mode:

  1. Download the appropriate agent relay installer for your platform.
  2. Create an options file and save as:


    Note: Your optionsFile should be in ANSI format; the agent relay installer does not support UTF.
  3. Issue the command:

    install.sh –silent –options optionsFile.properties



    is the options file you created in Step 2.