(Windows) Agent Silent Install Options Example

This section contains an example of how to configure the install options in an optionsFile.txt file for an agent silent install on Windows.

Example: Agent Windows optionsFile.txt

Using this optionsFile.txt, the agent will be named agent123, be configured to connect directly to the server on serverabc (not through an agent relay), and will point to a new installation of a JRE. Mutual Authentication mode will be activated for the agent, and the agent will run as a Windows service under the name SRA-Agent123 that will start automatically when the system starts. The agent Windows service admin user account name will be set to: admin01, with the password: password.

         -P installLocation="C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\Deployment Automation Agent"
         -V IS_DESTINATION="C:\Program Files (x86)\Serena\Deployment Automation Agent"
         -V AgentName="agent123"
         -V UseRelayYes="false"
         -V ServerHost="serverabc"
         -V ServerPort="7918"
         -V ServerMutAuth="true"
         -V ServiceYes="true"
         -V ServiceName="sda-agent123"
         -V ServiceStartAuto="true"
         -V ServiceAccName="admin01"
         -V ServiceAccPass="password"
         -V JreNew="true"