Using Inventory Statuses

Inventory statuses are used with component processes to apply statuses to component versions upon successful deployment to a target environment or resource. Active is the default setting, which indicates that a component version has been successfully deployed to its target resource.

You use inventory statuses as follows:

  1. Define the statuses

    Navigate to Administration > Automation, and in the selection box, select Status. Click the Add Status button and then select Inventory Status. Define the inventory statuses for your implementation. For example, UAT_Ready, INT_Ready, Prod_Ready.

  2. Select the inventory status

    When you create or edit a component process, select the inventory status that is to be set for this process. See Creating Component Processes.

  3. Request a process

    When the component process executes successfully, the selected status is applied to component versions for which the process was defined. The inventory status appears on the Inventory tab for the component itself and in environments that ran the component process. See Running Application Processes.


    You can check the inventory status of an environment as part of component and global processes using the Serena DA Environment plugin Verify Inventory Status step.

See Creating Component Processes for more information on the use of inventory statuses for your inventory management.