Configuring the Auto-select for Export Option

When you create or edit an environment, you can select the Auto-select for Export option, which causes the environment to appear in the list of environments to export in the replication export wizard if you later export using replication export. By default, the Auto-select for Export option is selected. If you prefer the option to be de-selected by default, you can configure this using the following procedure.

The Auto-select for Export option can be selected or de-selected in the environment details regardless of the setting of this flag. This simply controls the default setting. See Creating Environments.

Tip: If you want most or all environments to be exported during replication export, you should leave this flag set to true, as that will make the selection faster when you go through the replication export wizard. However, if you want to export only a few environments with any extra choices being explicitly added to the selection list in the export wizard, you should set this flag to false. For example, if you want to select only pre-production and production environments for replication, and not select others such as development and testing environments, setting this to false may be the better choice for you.

To configure the Auto-select for Export option default setting:

  1. Navigate to the directory the Deployment Automation server serena_ra\WEB-INF\classes directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\8.0\webapps\serena_ra\WEB-INF\classes
  2. Edit the following file: serena_ra_config.xml
  3. Change the environment export flag default value, <envAuto-select for ExportFlagDefValue>, to false as follows:
         <envAuto-select for ExportFlagDefValue>false</envAuto-select for ExportFlagDefValue>
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Restart the Deployment Automation server.
The Auto-select for Export option for environments will now be de-selected by default.

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