Resource Configuration Overview

After you create a resource, select it in the Resources page to configure it. The page for a selected resource is shown in the following figure.


  1. View the resource details.
  2. Edit the resource details. From here you can change the parent of sub-resources if needed.
  3. Inventory: Select from the selection box for the following pages:
    • Current: View the current inventory for this resource
    • Configuration: View the properties set for this resource and all its associations
    • Sub-Resources: View and create sub-resources for this resource. This lists resources that are children of the selected resource. From here you can create additional resources. See Creating Resources.
  4. Roles & Properties: Select from the selection box for the following pages:
    • Roles: Add resource roles that you've previously created to this resource.
    • Properties: Add resource properties.
  5. History: View resource deployment and change history.
  6. Security: Set role membership and default permissions for this resource.
  7. Select the number of resources to view per page.