Configuring Agent Relays

After you have installed an agent relay and detected it as needed, you can change the configuration as needed for your implementation.

The full set of options are set for agent relays at the time of installation. You can modify some, but not all, of the options of the agent relays remotely from the user interface. These can be changed only if the agent relay is online.

To change agent relay settings that cannot be changed through the user interface, edit the file located in the relay_installation\conf directory. See Agent Relay Installation Options.

To edit an agent relay:

  1. Ensure that the agent relay is installed and is online.
  2. Navigate to Management > Resources.
  3. In the selection box, select Relays.
  4. Select the agent relay.
  5. View and change the agent relay information as follows:
    Option Description


    Name of the agent relay. This field can be edited only if the agent relay is online.


    Remote hostname or IP address the server will use to connect to the agent relay. This field can be edited only for agent relays that are online and have Server Initiated selected.

    JMS Port

    View only. Remote port used to communicate over JMS protocol.

    Server Initiated

    Select this if you want to ensure that the server initiates HTTP communication for requests over a given size. See Server-initiated HTTP Communication Using Agent Relays.

    Agent relays for version 5.1.5 that are configured with Server Initiated selected are compatible only with Deployment Automation servers version 5.1.5 and above. If you attempt to connect a version 5.1.5 agent relay that has Server Initiated selected to a server earlier than version 5.1.5, the agents connected through the agent relay will not be in Online status.

  6. Click Save.

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