(UNIX/Linux) Server Silent Installation

The following instructions are for silent installations of the server on platforms for which the server installer is provided. These include Linux, AIX, Solaris SPARC, and HPUX Itanium platforms.

Important: If you are installing on a 64-bit Linux system, be aware that the UNIX installers are 32-bit applications, and your system may not support 32-bit applications by default. Before running the installer on a 64-bit Linux system, ensure that the following are installed:
  • Motif: This is usually available by default
  • 32-bit compatibility libraries: C/C++ runtime

To install the server in silent mode:

  1. Download the installation files.
  2. Create an optionsFile.txt and save it to the root directory. See (UNIX/Linux) Server Silent Installation Options.
  3. As a user with root privileges, issue the command:

    SerenaDA-server.bin -silent -options optionsFile.txt


    optionsFile.txt is a file that contains the properties you have set for your system.

For examples of the optionsFile.txt, see (UNIX/Linux) Server Silent Installation: optionsFile.txt Examples.