Step 12: Running the Application Deployment

Now that the component, environment, and process are complete, you can run the application deployment.

  1. From helloWorld_application, select the Environments tab.
  2. Click the DV1 link, and select Run Process from the resulting menu.
  3. On the Run Application Process dialog box:
    1. Select the application process you created, helloWorld App Process. Applications can have more than one process defined for them.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Select Latest Version from the Version for helloWorld drop-down list box. This option ensures that the latest (or first and only) version is affected.
  4. Click Submit to run the application.

    The Components list displays the deployment's status.

    Take a few moments to examine the information on this pane; you should see a Success message.

  5. Expand the step and beside the component version, click the Details icon (image).
    Note: Once you leave this page, you can navigate back through Management > Applications > [select helloWorld_application] > History > [click the Details icon beside the process] and then continue with this step.
  6. Click the icons in the row to view the output log, error log, and input and output properties.
  7. Navigate to the directory you designated for the deployment, C:\hello, and verify that the five text files, artifact1.txt through artifact5.txt, are there.

The deployment of the first version is complete.

To deploy another version, create a new subdirectory within the helloWorld directory named version2, wait for the new version to be imported into the system, and request the process again.