Mapping Application Components to Resources

Component processes are executed by Deployment Automation agents running on hosts. One instance of a component process is invoked for each resource mapped to a component in the target environment.

After you have added a component to the application, define where its artifacts should be deployed by selecting a resource (agent) or resource group. See Managing Resources.
  1. Navigate to Applications > [selected application] > Environments.
  2. Click the environment name to which you want to map components and then select the View Details option with a single or double-click.
  3. Select the Component Mapping tab.
  4. If the application has several components associated with it, select the one you want to use from the component list. Each component associated with this application can be mapped to a different resource.
  5. To associate a resource with the selected component:
    • To add a resource group, click the Add a Resource Group button and select a resource group. For information about creating resources, see Resource Groups.

    • To add a resource, click the Add a Resource button and select an resource.

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